Origami community in decline?

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Re: Origami community in decline?

Postby Origasm » September 12th, 2017, 6:32 am

roodborst wrote:I do think that alot of people start with the youtube en when they get better go in search of diagrams and books. I myself prefer diagrams over youtube. Clicking, pausing, rewinding. It is the reason why I started learning folding from diagrams.

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I really hate folding from a video even when its from good youtubers like Tadashi Mori or Jo Nakashima. Nonetheless, I have seen lots of people being able to fold really difficult models from videoes, despite they will fail miserabely, when trying to fold from a diagram. Folding from diagrams is much more informative and satisfying IMO.

I only have like 2 years of experience in origami, but now I am able to fold really complex models from diagrams, because I really love origami. I have spent many hours reading, folding or trying to figure out a diagram, because I really wanna be good. In the future, I will buy ODS to really learn about origami and all the other fantastic things this craft has to offer.
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Re: Origami community in decline?

Postby ahudson » September 24th, 2017, 1:22 am

anonymous person wrote:
NeverCeaseToCrease wrote:I feel like this "decline" was just a dip. Maybe it was this post or maybe something else, but it seems like the community is becoming more active again.

I really hope so, although at this rate it will be a long time until we reach the same level of activity as there was around 2011.

It used to be that the Origami Forum was really the only place on the internet where you could find other origami folders, aside from a couple origami-related listservs (which have now also declined). Social media changed all that-- the discussions that used to happen here didn't disappear entirely, but now they happen on facebook, flickr, youtube, etc. These discussions are frequently private, and certainly are not collected conveniently in one place, so to the outside world it seems like the community has almost disappeared.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some of us got tired of all the dumb questions from newbies, all the spammy self-promotion from certain individuals, and got tired of dealing with flame wars started by strangers with strong opinions and too much free time. But also, to some extent, we just didn't realize how good social media was at distracting us.

I've recently become rather disillusioned with facebook, and if you see me here more in the coming months, that's why.
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Re: Origami community in decline?

Postby swamy » October 14th, 2017, 5:17 am

The decline is a general phenomenah happening in all fields for variety of reasons.
1. There is a complete divide betwen older and younger generations due
2. Simplicity is no more the rule of life. Human curiosity is destroyed in childhood days.
3. Life long passion no longer exists.
4. Developing a strong fundemental by reading books has vanished.
5. Overall behaviour pattern of the human being is changing. less socialising, decline in communication skills etc..

With the above points there will be a general decline in all areas..

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Re: Origami community in decline?

Postby HankSimon » October 14th, 2017, 3:44 pm

There is no hope for mankind. The cockroaches are rubbing their hands together on the sidelines in glee, and learning to become Origami experts.

Look up the 1960s and the Hippies ... who became the Yuppies. The demographic pattern is similar, except for the increase in digital capability and communication. Just people 're-discovered' calligraphy ... and Origami, etc., they will again, although it may take another generation (20 years).
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