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Postby Origasm » September 12th, 2017, 6:32 am

roodborst wrote:I do think that alot of people start with the youtube en when they get better go in search of diagrams and books. I myself prefer diagrams over youtube. Clicking, pausing, rewinding. It is the reason why I started learning folding from diagrams.

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I really hate folding from a video even when its from good youtubers like Tadashi Mori or Jo Nakashima. Nonetheless, I have seen lots of people being able to fold really difficult models from videoes, despite they will fail miserabely, when trying to fold from a diagram. Folding from diagrams is much more informative and satisfying IMO.

I only have like 2 years of experience in origami, but now I am able to fold really complex models from diagrams, because I really love origami. I have spent many hours reading, folding or trying to figure out a diagram, because I really wanna be good. In the future, I will buy ODS to really learn about origami and all the other fantastic things this craft has to offer.
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