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Re: 3D printed "envelopener"

Posted: June 11th, 2020, 7:35 am
by origami_8
Thank you :)

Re: 3D printed "envelopener"

Posted: June 18th, 2020, 9:00 pm
by steingar
origami_8 wrote:I'm not familiar with the word "slammed" in this context. Would you mind explaining it to me? (Pretty please!)
What the other fellow said. Idiomatic English. I'm certain you've lots of this sort of thing in German as well.

Yes, last Spring we were informed just after the students left for their Spring Break then when the week long Spring Break was over we'd all be instructing remotely. Of course, none of us had ever done that or knew how. The one thing I figured is my slides were going to have to be quite a bit more self explanatory. So I got to do that for three weeks of lectures in two classes. Had to have it done in two weeks. Fun times.

The utter impossibility of what they were asking must have dawned on someone in authority because at the end of that week it was declared that Spring break would be two weeks this year. Of course that meant a week less semester, so in addition to setting up to teach remotely we had to figure out what to pitch out of our courses.

A bit later those in charge decided that the semester would be extended a week. Pity if you had travel planned. So I got to take all the stuff I'd taken out and put it back in. Yes, I was slammed. I didn't take a day off for a couple months, my alcohol intake increased to the point where I gained ten pounds.

Remote instruction sucks. The students cheated on their exams, I got Zoom bombed, and both I and my students hated the experience. Looks like I get to repeat it this fall, too.

Re: 3D printed "envelopener"

Posted: June 19th, 2020, 8:32 am
by origami_8
Sounds like hell.
For us we heard rumours that the university might have to close. In some of the neighbouring countries they already had. Then one Tuesday morning we were having presentations in a lecture while a big press conference was happening. A classmate of mine read the news first and about five minutes later all our smartphones vibrated like mad because basically everyone who new a student had to inform him that by law starting with the following week all universities had to close. After the next presentation we asked the teacher how we will handle this. He being the only one who didn't get the news was completely stunned and didn't know what to say. This was the only lecture that day and when we arrived home we got sms and email that from the next day on all lectures had to be made remote. We had two teachers who managed to switch to remote the same week, a few who needed two weeks to set up, one who cancelled the lectures for the next four weeks but gave us tons of stuff to learn on our own and the one who was completely overwhelmed by the situation and needed a full six weeks until the first online lecture. All the teachers gave us humongous amounts of stuff to learn on our own. They really wanted to make sure that even if there are no lectures, we wouldn't have a minute to breath.
We didn't have any Zoom bombing. My class is also very well behaved, we want to learn. What was a bit annoying was the plethora of different conference software we had to use, because almost every teacher used something different, be it Skype for business, Webex, Zoom,Discord, you name it. And some teachers sent us the link only half an hour before the conference started, what given that in the first few weeks many lectures were cancelled led to a lot of confusion, whether or not the lecture would be held. But now everything runs smoothly. We already had some online exams, group works, presentations,...
Only three very stressful weeks to go until summer break! Yeah!

Okay this was very OT, Sorry.