Contacting a model’s designer?

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Contacting a model’s designer?

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In a few days I’m heading to an origami convention (it’s Centerfold over in Ohio : D). Pretty much anyone can sign up to teach apparently and there’s actually still quite a few slots open (cause post pandemic yada yada), so I was thinking I’d teach one of my favorite models, Sheep by Jun Maekawa. I’ve taught it a few times before just to people at my local origami meetup, but for something a bit more serious like this I figure it’s best if I get permission from Jun Maekawa himself to teach his model. Long story short, how might I go about contacting Him?
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Re: Contacting a model’s designer?

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First, I'm certain I met you at CenterFold, and I think I folded that wonderful sheep. Thank you for your inputs, and I really hope you enjoyed the Convention.

According to US Copyright law you are not in violation of anyone's copyright if you are teaching in a classroom setting for a nonprofit organization. Since Centerfold utilizes classroom settings and is run by a non profit, I think you're in the clear. You can use diagrams as well, though not an entire book's worth. I don't actually know what the limit is in terms of using someone else's work in a classroom, i.e. what percentage triggers a copyright violation. I doubt it's one model's worth.

When I teach someone else's model I always make certain to cite the creator (if known) and try and site where the model came from (which book or YouTube or whatever else). My thinking is if someone taught one of my models but cited me and the book it came out of all they're doing is advertising for me, and I'd never object to that. I taught 6 different models at Centerfold, I don't think I could have tracked down all those creators.

Hope to see you at CenterFold next year!
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