Offcuts from forming squares

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Offcuts from forming squares

Post by foreverkurome »


I have a two part question about off cuts:

a) what do people do with them?

b) what is the smallest size you can realistically work with before it's all just a crumpled mess and the paper won't form folds?

Something I already do with off cuts is make little mini modular designs, an offcut of an offcut of a sheet of a4 produces a module piece about the size of your thumbnail and can be used to make a tiny 30 module icosahedron. Can I realistically use these in any other model?
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Re: Offcuts from forming squares

Post by Gerardo »

a. I often have them ready to fold smaller models.

b. It depends the type and level of complexity of what you fold. For example, it's a very common challenge to try to fold the traditional crane from the smallest square one can master.
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