best tanteidan?

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best tanteidan?

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i was planning on expanding my collection of books, and it seems like either makoto yamaguchi or a tanteidan makes the most sense. i allready am planning on ordering the Next Generation of Origami 2 nut does anyone know what the best/ most reccomended tanteidan book is? im mostly looking at 22 and 24-26 as 23 isint available on (i actually liked the look of 23 the most but shipping is too expensive from origamiusa where i first found the tanteidan books) i am also looking for more complex models, i find them a more interesting challenge.
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Re: best tanteidan?

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Ordering Tanteidan Books is best done via the origamihouse website directly from the JOAS in Japan:
They also show the pictured index of each available book, so you can browse through and decide for yourself which models appeal to you.
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Re: best tanteidan?

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The Makoto Yamaguchi books are of extremely high quality

"Post pandemic" Tanteidan 27 seems to have added models which were back-logged during, giving it a well deserved boost in interest

Do not look past the "Tanteidan Magasines"

JOAS has a special right now where you can get back issues at a discount

A LOT of great, unique, lesser-known models in those magasines.

If you want to continue getting Convention books, need to support JOAS.
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