Rubiks cube

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Gigaminxes are awesome

I have twenty-something puzzles, I love my v-cubes though.

Rubik's magic: I can solve in 1.3 seconds blindfolded.

Rubik's cube Record 51 seconds but my average is a minute.
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i can do the rubiks cube at an average time of 1 minute and my record is 37seconds i can fix a rubiks 4x4 in 3 minutes but my pieces keep coming apart and then i dont remember where they went
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Re: Rubiks cube

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Here is my little puzzle collection :D
3x3: record-18s average-20s ... hotostream
My 18s solve..
I can also solve rubiks cube blindfolded in about 4 min.
Im not that fast with other cubes cause i do them just for fun..
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Re: Rubiks cube

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I think this worth sharing and its cool if you get tried of solving a rubix cube and the lego diagrams are just below the video description

iam back i just didnt have the time to fold lately because of schoolwork
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Re: Rubiks cube

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I like to do origami, but also the rubik's cube. On average, I manage to make a rubik's cube in 1 minute. But to make a rubik's 9X9, it takes me longer
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