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"Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: February 14th, 2011, 9:18 am
by anermak
Origami Internet Competition ...
From 01/06/2011 to 30/06/2011 (+ three weeks for results) the Open International Origami Olympiad will be conducted in the internet, which in this year will be dedicated to the memory of the great origami master Eric Joisel.

All participants should send an application to the following address (origami2011olympiad(at=”@”)gmail(dot=”.”)com).
The application should contain the following text: I (name surname), origamist from (country) want to take part in the International Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011

Requirements for participants:
1) Every origamist have the opportunity to take part in the Olympiad, it’s open competition. The request should be send not later then 31.05.2011.
Photos of final results of tasks should be send not later then 30.06.2011 quality within 480х480 - 1500х1500.
2) The Olympics round includes tentatively 10 tasks: 4 diagrams of various levels of difficulty (from easy to complex), 4 patterns, tessellation and own work. For each model indicates the maximum score (in points).
These jobs are ONLY FOR PERSONAL USAGE and may not be distributed in the network (as well as published in some other way).
3) Each participant gets a task with further instructions during one day after Olympiad starts on specified in the application e-mail. Winners are determined (in three weeks after deadline) by a competent jury.
Design of results:
1. Any type of paper can be used.
2. Allowed to paint and glue model, if it would not prevent identification of all elements of the model, as well as pre-creased lines that define the assembly process. This paragraph does not extend on the author's “own work”.
3. In the competition should be used only photos which were never published before.
4. Each model should be photographed (at least!) from three angles, to clearly display all the details. Photos with low quality will not be considered.
5. Main images should be the minimum redacted by any programs. Full usage of such programs is allowed only for composite images.
6. Before the end of Olympics participants should not upload photos of entries in the Internet.
It is not commercial project so the prizes are: tasks that you will receive for free and world-wide respect ....
Refereeing: the judge of the first Olympiad will be recruited from among the judges of the Russian origami forum, because they have experience in assessing such competition (4 All-Russian Olympiads). Thereafter, in the next competitions, refereeing can be updated from among the winners, as they choice in the next year.

Authors who wish to participate in this event, need send on (origami2011olympiad(at)gmail(dot)com) your diagrams, CP or photo-diagrams until the 30.04.2011... If your diagram will pass the selection, it will be added to the task competitions. All authors who have sent their diagrams will receive a copy tasks of competitions at your e-mail.
The quality of the diagrams, CP and photo-diagram is not important, because all diagrams would be tested and redraw in the common style. This is a great opportunity not only to obtain high-quality tested diagrams of their models, but also to see how the participants of the Olympiad will fold your work.

Best Regards,

Andrey Ermakov

Posted: March 1st, 2011, 10:09 am
by droblin
anermak How can I know - my application is received or not ? :)

Posted: March 2nd, 2011, 10:15 am
by anermak
droblin You should have received a letter in reply that "Your application is accepted"

Posted: March 3rd, 2011, 8:48 am
by snowblue
May I ask a qustion

about 10 tasks

which style we do

1 do it one by one , just like game , if you can't pass this task , you game over ,or , we do it all at once .

Posted: March 3rd, 2011, 12:17 pm
by anermak
snowblue Each Task is evaluated separately (for more complex model - more high maximum possible score), if a some tasks is not satisfied, then the participant receives zero only for this tasks. But the finish result - is the sum of all the scores for the all tasks.
That's was looks a table of results in last year's All-Russian Olympiad

Final score on All-Russian Olympiad 2010

Posted: March 4th, 2011, 9:04 am
by droblin
Thanks/// i find it///

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: May 1st, 2011, 8:28 pm
by anermak
Dear friends!
Yesterday we have finished the receiving of requests from authors who decided to take part in our Olympiad in memory of Eric Joisel!
I would like to thank all masters who send their diagrams for tasks. It is really great works, publication of which would be the envy of leading origami magazines.

Unfortunately, the size of competition does not allow to include the all models, that’s why just some of them were chosen.
As a result, the works of the following masters will be on Olympiad:

Artur Biernacki (Poland)
Andrey Lukyanov (Ukraine)
Nguyen Hung Cuong (Vietnam)
Yartcev Sergey (Russia)
Benoit Zenker (France)
Nicolas Gajardo Henricez(Chile)
Andrey Ermakov (Russia)
Daniel Kwan (USA)
Eric Joisel(France)
Peter Keller (Germany)
Mariya Sinayskaya (South Africa)

I would like to thank again all authors and remind that they will receive the gift copy (general-file) of all Olympiad tasks (diagrams, CP etc.) by e-mail. All diagrams are exclusively designed and could be received only by taking part in the Olympiad.

I would like to remind you that participation in the Olympiad is free. Accepting of requests for participation extends only until 31/05/2011, and should include a letter with the text:
«I (name surname), origamist from (country) want to take part in the International Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011»

Those of you, who have not yet sent the request, could do it through the following e-mail:

Best Regards,
Andrey Ermakov

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: May 29th, 2011, 1:02 pm
by anermak

Dear friends!

I bring to your attention that the Olympiad will start in three days.
At the moment applied 96 peoples from 22 countries around the world.
I remind that submit requests to participate may only up to 31.5.2011(deadline), the
Best Regards,
Andrey Ermakov

P.S. The complete collection of tasks consists of 60 pages, 12 color diagrams and CP. Below is a little announcement (pages) of upcoming tasks:

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: May 30th, 2011, 11:59 am
by anermak

Two days left...

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: May 31st, 2011, 6:20 am
by anermak

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: June 1st, 2011, 1:13 pm
by anermak
Congratulations to all participants!


All tasks are sended ... Who have difficult with download or open the files, write a PM.

Good Luck!!

P.S. All questions about olympiad organization, please write here in the topic ..

Full list of participants: 110 challengers from 25 countries.


Code: Select all

1)	Russia
2)	China
3)	USA
4)	Canada
5)	United Kingdom
6)	France
7)	Germany
8)	Switzerland
9)	Italy
10)	Belorussia
11)	Australia
12)	Brazil
13)	Poland
14)	Mexico
15)	Ukraine
16)	Romania
17)	Czech Republic
18)	Slovakia
19)	Moldavia
20)	Lithuania
21)	Kazakhstan
22)	Israel
23)	Greece
24)   Turkey
25)    Spain
Сhallengers (find yourself)

Code: Select all

1)	Adams Sara
2)	Afanasiev Leonid
3)	Akitaya Hugo
4)	Aleshina Galina
5)	Baranov Vladimir
6)	Baranova Elvira
7)	Baryk Ivan
8)	Basharov Marat
9)	Belozerova Olga
10)	Bezrukov Sergej
11)	Botalov Alexandr
12)	BONNEFILLE Raymonde
13)	Brown Malachi
14)	Butt Olga
15)	Chan Peter
16)	Chen Xiao
17)	Chernov Pavel
18)	Chi Zhang 驰
19)	Culanova Valentina
20)	Cumareshan Vignesh
21)	Cioaca Valentin
22)	Dementiev Ivan
23)	Drozdov Stanislav
24)	Dublistov Dmitry
25)	Egorov Andrew
26)	Em Stanislav
27)	Fedorets Ilya
28)	Fedorov Artem
29)	Fokin Sergey
30)	Gaoshan 小山
31)	Garibi Ilan
32)	Georgijchuk Andrei
33)	Gizzatullin Aidar
34)	Gladilina Ekaterina
35)	Golovin Evgenij
36)	Guofan Wang 雪中布鲁斯
37)	Hil Viktor
38)	Hudson Andrew
39)	Isaac Cheng
40)	Jazovskaja Natalia
41)	Jazovskaja Olga
42)	Juárez Quintero Víctor
43)	Kade Chan
44)	Kafarski Karol
45)	Karachenko Vladislav
46)	Khizhnyak Viktor
47)	Kober Jens
48)	Kolenchenko Alina
49)	Korolev Kirill
50)	Kowalski Damian
51)	Krupnikov Alexander
52)	Kuksa Dmitry
53)	Kupriyanov Nikolai
54)	Kuzmichev Vitaly
55)	Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva
56)	Latipov Ainar
57)	Li Ho Ching
58)	Lisuk Dmitry
59)	Mackonyte Agnieska
60)	Marchenko Sergey
61)	Mironov Yuriy
62)	Mitrofanov Sergey
63)	Molchanov Vasilij
64)	Mrajca Miroslav
65)	Mugnai Carlo
66)	Nazarchenko Olga
67)	Ostroukhov Victor
68)	Pakhotinkikh Vadim
69)	Pishkin Mikhail
70)	Poddubny Alexandr
71)	Pozhilova Vladlena
72)	Prokopovic Anton
73)	Prosolupov Evgenij
74)	Rogozhina Yulia
75)	Ryazanov Nikita
76)	Salahov Raul
77)	Sam Gold
78)	Sanapanya Fabiana
79)	Savinova Anastacia
80)	Severova Dasa
81)	Seda Altay
82)	Shainyan Melik
83)	Shan Gao 高山
84)	Shtanko Vadim
85)	Sidorov Evgenij
86)	Skopin Konstantin
87)	Skripnik Anastacia
88)	Slabicky Yuriy
89)	Sobolev Sergey
90)	Soldatov Victor
91)	Terehov Yaroslav
92)	Tokareva Alena
93)	Torii 驰
94)	Tsikul Dima
95)	Tyrone Doherty
96)	Verestun Igor
97)	Villeneuve Hubert
98)	Volchkova Anna
99)	Voitovych Taras
100)	Vorobjev Mikhail
101)	Wencong Qu
102)	Welham James
103)	Yao Timothy
104)	Yeung Kwan Wah
105)	Yurtkul Atilla
106)	Zach Jiang 惊天支柱
107)	Zalivina Marina
108)	Zhezhoma Polina
109)	Zorina Elena
110) Olivella Pere

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: June 1st, 2011, 2:10 pm
by anermak
Dear participants!

Send the result can be only when you have completed the maximum number of jobs (which you can do). Every one must send only one letter with the decision ...
Please do not send each task separately!!!
Thaks for your understanding!!!

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: June 1st, 2011, 4:15 pm
by anermak
Question 1"...I would like to request a clarification of Rule 2. Are we allowed to add shaping folds beyond what the author has diagrammed? For example,
on the first model, I might want to use more realistic curvature than a simple "S" shape. Would I be
disqualified for it?"
Answer 1 All in norm. Allowed to change the form of model on the final step.
Competitor disqualified in two cases -
1) If send photos of not their work (as well as all types of fraud, including PhotoShop etc)
2) publish the work before the end of main Olympiad time (1.06-30.06)
In other cases, (not high-quality photos, poor assembly model) - the maximum will be reduced only part of the final score for a particular task, but will not be disqualified.

Question 2" ....3 shots and the email to be under 10 mb?..."
Answer 2 ....Yes, three photos for each model that you can fold (besides Tess and Kusudama), in different angles. But if you want, you can send a combined photo, like - this ( ... ca6b15.jpg) but the image quality should be sufficient to identify the elements of the model...

Question 3 "How can I reduce the size of photos, if the total size of e-mail more then 10Mb"
Answer 3 This easy can be done by using specialized resource for publishing photos, like,,, where you can adjust the size of photos...

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: June 3rd, 2011, 4:56 am
by malachi
I have a question about rule 5.
5. Main images should be the minimum redacted by any programs. Full usage of such programs is allowed only for composite images.
My normal workflow is to take my photo, then do basic white balance/color correction in a photo editor to more closely approximate the real color (it is very easy for cameras to be way off on white balance) then cropping the photo. Is that allowed?

Re: "Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011"

Posted: June 3rd, 2011, 11:18 am
by anermak
Yes, it's allowed.