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Roses FAQ

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Origami Roses FAQ
Ver 0.4, 04/10/2006

This FAQ is a compilation of information about origami roses. Please read this through carefully before posting any questions about roses; chances are that your question will already have been answered here.

General Questions
...[1.1] Where can I find diagrams for origami roses?
......[1.1.1] Kawasaki Roses
......[1.1.2] Lang Rose (A Miura-ken Beauty Rose)
......[1.1.3] Brian Chan's One-Sheet Rose
......[1.1.4] Other Roses
...[1.2] What if I have further questions?

Folding the Kawasaki Rose
...[2.1] The original Kawasaki Rose
......[2.1.1] Resources
...[2.2] The 'angled' Kawasaki Rose
......[2.2.1] Resources
......[2.2.2] Step 24
...[2.3] Kawasaki Rose variations
......[2.3.1] Kawasaki Roses with n-fold symmetry
...[2.4] Stems, leaves, etc.

General Questions
1.1 Where can I find diagrams for origami roses?

Many origami roses exist today; the most well-known of these is the Kawasaki Rose and its variants.

1.1.1 Kawasaki Roses
The original Kawasaki Rose is found in the book Origami for the Connoisseur. This book is still in print and can be found in the usual mainstream online bookstores and origami shops.

The angled version of the Kawasaki Rose can be found on the Web. A search for 'Kawasaki Rose' should yield various sites hosting the diagrams for this model.

Two other books by Kawasaki also contain rose diagrams: Roses, Origami and Mathematics, and Origami Dream World. Reviews for these books can be found at Gilad Aharoni's website:

1.1.2 Lang Rose (A Miura-ken Beauty Rose, Op. 482)
This is another multi-petaled rose. Its crease pattern can be found on Robert Lang's website: ... ?name=rose
Diagrams for the rose can be found in the 12th Tanteidan Convention book.
Note that the correct name of the rose is 'A Miura-ken Beauty Rose'. It is important not to leave out the indefinite article 'A' in the name of the model.

1.1.3 Brian Chan's One-Sheet Rose
This is a rose folded from one square sheet, complete with stem, leaves, and optionally, thorns. Diagrams for this can be found in the 12th Tanteidan Convention book.

1.1.4 Other Roses
Philip Champan-Bell has a rose from a circle.
A CP can be found on his blog: ... on-rising/

Sergei Masis "Romantic Rose" can be found on this topic:

Phu Tran's rose (Please do not ask for diagrams!):

[1.2] What if I have further questions?
Please use this thread on the Origami Forum for any further questions regarding the Kawasaki Rose:
Also, the first line of your post should contain the word "doodlebug", to indicate that you've read at least this far into the FAQ...

Another thread exists for questions on the Lang Rose:
Again, please use this thread if you have any questions on the folding of this rose from its crease pattern.

Folding the Kawasaki Rose
There are two major variations on the Kawasaki Rose - the original version, and an 'angled' version. Diagrams for the original rose are not available on the Internet, SO DO NOT ASK FOR THEM ON THIS FORUM; however, there are many websites where various step folds for this rose have been documented.

The 'angled' Kawasaki Rose, diagrammed by Winson Chan, is the most common variant floating around on the Web. This version is significantly harder to fold than the original, particularly for beginning folders!

The three difficult steps in both versions of the K-rose are the 'twisting step', the 'curling step' and the 'locking step':
'Twist Step' - Step 8 (original), Step 13-19 (angled)
'Curl Step' - Step 10-11 (original), Step 25 (angled)
'Locking Step' - The last few steps in the diagrams

Refer to the various resources (step folds and tutorials) listed below for pictures on how these steps are accomplished.

2.1 The original Kawasaki Rose
2.1.1 Resources
Dan of Toasters' Origami Site: Photo guide
Note that this is slightly different from Kawasaki's original version. The changes are cosmetic in nature however, and the major folding steps are essentially unchanged from the original version.

Cattail's Origami: Photos of Steps 8 and Steps 10-12.

Precreasing method after Kevin Hines ... -krose.pdf

2.2 The 'angled' Kawasaki Rose
2.2.1 Resources
At Anool's Origami: Complete photo guide to folding the angled rose:

Anna's video on how to continue after precreasing:

2.2.1 Step 24
First, check that you have the latest revision of the diagrams! Revision 2.1 contains an error in this step; the creases are shifted by one square. This error has been corrected in version 2.3. The box on the bottom right corner of the diagram pages shows the diagram revision.

Revision 2.3 can be found here: ... page6.html
(link no longer available -> Archived pages)

2.3 Kawasaki Rose Variations
Kawasaki has designed a tubular variant of his original rose; this has been rediagrammed by Carlos Furuti: ... 20902a.pdf

The rose on Dan Of Toasters' origami site mentioned above is already a minor variant of the original Kawasaki Rose.

Daniel Llanvaneras has done another variation of the rose: ... iacion.pdf

2.3.1 Kawasaki Roses with n-fold symmetry
(Contributed by Rdude)

Another possible variant of the Kawasaki rose would be ones that start from regular polygons other than a square. For example, John Szinger has come up with a rose from a square sheet folded to form a pentagon:

Alternatively, instead of starting with a square sheet of paper, a pentagonal sheet can be used, such as the variant developed by Marie Tessier: ... grams.html

This rose variant is covered in this thread:

2.4 Stems, leaves, etc
The finished Kawasaki rose can be displayed in various ways, and one favourite method is to use bases and stems folded from paper as well. These threads contain a listing for a number of these:
Another leaf and stem set can be found on this page: