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Re: I want a book by...

Postby Andre-4 » October 28th, 2017, 8:56 pm

I notice this author has a definitive style to her folds which is like a signature..
Looking at the c.ps which are contrasting and drawn without clutter..straight into a computer.these I presume a more tricky to collapse than a standard box grid model..
I know there room on the market for her quirky characters...
And The Ribbon Kitty takes around 80 steps to complete..meaning she must have enough material for a while publication of her own.
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Re: I want a book by...

Postby Tankoda » March 24th, 2018, 9:45 pm

Kikuchi Masato!
I have seen pictures of some of his work at conventions and they are fantastic!
ImageSkull of dinosaur by Masato Kikuchi by Kaede Nakamura, on Flickr
ImageDisplay of 2017 ICOA(International Collegiate Origami Association)  Designed by Masato Kikuchi. by Hiroaki Kobayashi, on Flickr
Image22th Origami Tanteidan Convention. Exhibition of Masato Kikuchi by Hiroaki Kobayashi, on Flickr
ImageJapanese girl high school student by Masato Kikuchi by Kaede Nakamura, on Flickr
I have folded the T. Rex skull and phoenix and they were great. I have seen other pictures of his work but cannot find any right now...
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