Paper Life, the Story of Ligia Montoya

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Paper Life, the Story of Ligia Montoya

Postby morggan » November 26th, 2016, 3:59 pm

Dear Origami folks,

The young generation may not be too aware of this woman, but she was one of the pioneers of the modern origami movement by mid 20th century. She regularly corresponded with masters such as Akira Yoshizawa, Robert Harbin, Sam Randlett, George Rhoads, exchanged ideas and diagrams and became a close friend of Lillian Oppenehimer, the founder of the Origami Center (today OrigamiUSA) and Gershon Legman, the first historian of paperfolding.

Now there is a book on his life, and it is available in English and in Spanish. It's a bio profusely illustrated with pictures of her time, her own diagrams, historic documents and much more. A few diagrams at the end of her unpublished flowers.

ENGLISH TITLE: Paper Life, The Story of Ligia Montoya (ISBN: 978-1533312952)
SPANISH TITLE: El Ángel del Origami (ISBN: 978-1535417952)
Author: Laura Rozenberg

You can get it from,,,, and

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