Is "Foldinator" available?

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Is "Foldinator" available?

Postby CharlesWallace » March 9th, 2017, 9:42 pm

Greetings, all:

I am trying to discern the status of the software application called Foldinator created by a very talented fellow (across several disciplines) named John Szinger? A little bit of sleuthing on my part found an old-ish site which mentioned the software was at a beta tester stage and might be released to additional individuals to help in this regard. From what I've seen in information/screen shots describing Foldinator, this resource would be a boon to helping me diagram numerous original models I have created. (They currently languish in two large sketchbooks, and this benefits no one!)

I have emailed Mr. Szinger about this, but it is possible the address I found is no longer active.

Does anyone: 1) Know where Foldinator is in its development? 2) Know of any other software (freeware or otherwise) that would enable a non-coder and non-math-whiz-kid to created accurate diagrams to share and publish? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Happy folding!

Charles Wallace
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