Christmas Origami Book 2017

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Re: Christmas Origami Book 2017

Post by NeverCeaseToCrease »

But if we want to publish it to another organization that requires "unpublished diagrams," will it count?
In other words, is this book still considered published even though only the authors of designs can access it?
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Re: Christmas Origami Book 2017

Post by Kabuntan »

That's a question you probably should ask to this/these other organization(s) - they can probably explain what they consider "unpublished".
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Re: Christmas Origami Book 2017

Post by HankSimon »

I think most publications do not mean 'published in a private issue of very limited distribution.' And, I would hope that some of the publications would be familiar with the Origami Forum, so be sure to explain the 'publisher' and the distribution clearly.
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Re: Christmas Origami Book 2017

Post by origami_8 »

Just a short note. During the last few days I attended the CDO Origami Convention in Italy and didn't have time to check my mails. I will send confirmation mails to all people, who sent me something in the meantime, later today.
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Re: Christmas Origami Book 2017

Post by Andre-4 »

Will there be a topic on whos diagram made the issue??
I doubt I'll see a copy unless i buy it..are there any plans to make it available for sale that and other back issues??
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