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Folder's block

Post by NeverCeaseToCrease »

Hey everyone,

I don't know about you all, but does anybody else ever feel what I guess is like writer's block but for origami? You know, like that feeling that you want to fold or design something but you're not really getting anything done, or that the things you design don't really work that well and you keep giving up, or maybe that you don't have any ideas at all?

I'm sure I'm not the only folder out there who stops folding things for long periods of time. What kind of solutions does anybody know to motivate themselves? Especially for designing things.

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Re: Folder's block

Post by Baltorigamist »

I have that all the time, actually--but it's mostly due to a lack of ideas or time. I have plenty of designs that are likely to work out wonderfully (and plenty more that I'm stuck on), but I've been too busy with college and work to get much of anything done.
As far as a solution, I think it's best to simply set aside a few hours for folding alone and just force yourself to fold for those few hours. It helps to listen to music as well, at least for me.
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Re: Folder's block

Post by Gerardo »

Probably others can contribute a lot more than me to your discussion NeverCeaseToCrease; I hope they will. Still, I can say this: I fold and create very little. I've only created one model this year and I only created four in 2017, during the whole year. That's why I only have a little over seventy original models in total. It's important for me to only create when I feel driven to do so. Most of the time, I see folding in a similar way. I don't usually fold just because. I'll make a fold if I intend to give it to someone for example, if someone is teaching me how to fold a model, if I need the fold for something, like in the case of practical models, if I need to test a new folding material, etc. People could consider this folder's block, but since I'm currently used to fold and create so little, I don't even notice it. Know what I mean?

I can suggest the following in relation to creating: think of a challenge that lights up your interest. The mechanical origami theme of the August 2016 monthly design challenge did it for me. I felt very compelled by the theme that I couldn't help creating something. At first I thought I wouldn't accomplish anything, a lot of failed attempts, but eventually the lightbulb lit, and two models came out of it all :).
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Re: Folder's block

Post by binky2819 »

I get that too. Occasionally, I feel like folding a certain model, but when I get out the paper I'll feel unmotivated and ask myself whether if I actually want to fold it. This happens either because I've folded it recently (or several times already) or because I'll worry that I won't succeed if it's something really complex. If that happens, I'll either find another model to fold or simply do something else and fold later.

I don't stop folding things for long periods of time, but sometimes I won't design something for long periods of time. Sometimes it's because test folding can be a bit of a drag. When I design something, I usually have to do several test folds and revisions before arriving at something I'm satisfied with, and folding something that you're not sure is going to work isn't at all that fun. My solution to that is to just fold half of it. I'll literally use just half a square and fold half the design and see if it works.
You could also try designing something obscure, or something that's never been designed before. Popular subjects like dragons and dragonflies are things that I specifically avoid.

Listening to something while folding helps a lot. Doesn't have to be music, it could be something like a podcast.
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Re: Folder's block

Post by Sunburst »

Yes, it does happen to me. Whenever that happens, something that usually works is revisiting old designs/subjects. That can include upgrading an old design or try to make a subject already done in a different way.
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Re: Folder's block

Post by FlareglooM »

I recognize this feeling.

I've had a lot of folding ideas in the last 2 years, but never really had the motivation to start trying to design anything. For me it has to do with the mindset I've had for a while due to reasons. (among them being a perfectionist not wanting to fail)

Lately I've been getting my motivation back though. For me these things helped:
- Design something you want to design.
- Get into the comfort zone. I like to have music on the background so that there is only one background noise. This gives peace of mind. Find what works for you when folding.
- I need to just start designing, and see where I end up. I've noticed that for me it's often that step of starting on something is the blocker. When I've started there are no issues. (except perseverance maybe)
- If I don't get something done, I put it away for a while. A fresh look at a later time can do miracles.
- If I get the feeling of not being able to fold, it might be because I don't want to. I'll just do it when I do have the feeling of wanting to fold. Some people tend to beat themselves up over it subconsciously, causing them to get demotivated/blocked.
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