How do I divide paper(square) into 40?

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Re: How do I divide into 40?

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Gleichner wrote:
Sunburst wrote:Ok, so you divide in fifths all valley folds on one side. One thing you can do then is turn the paper over and pinch what are now mountain folds, bring them to the next fold and crease. That will allow you to divide each fifth in half (so you get tenth). Repeat the process on each tenth division to divide in 20 and then again for 40.
oh my
can you explain more details, I'm a little dizzy now :( if not, you can upload a video or something as an example
To clarify, you divide in fifths, right(valley folds)
You keep dividing it in half with valley folds until you are half of the amount you wanted to divide to, then pinch the folds and bring them up when you turn to the other side.

Hope that helps!
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