Super complex origami book :)

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Fishgoth wrote: 'Mr Lang' has a PhD, and should therefore be addressed as 'Dr Lang', although, having met him, I don't think he'd mind too much.
Why be so formal then? I mean, why the remark?
Only to have one more reason to disagree?
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Dr. is just a term of respect, I don't think Dr. Fishgoth was just trying to disagree, but merely trying to educate us in the way of manners.. :)

Yeah, I know I'm back in the convertation.
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no comment
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Re: Super complex origami book :)

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I enjoyed reading this thread.I wozld like to add that Manuel sirgo Alvarez impressed me with his choice of subjects.Mostly meditterean or tropic fauna...With the Cicada if you look at the pinned and framed flies they are male n female so obviously size varies and some do not have large antenna or elytra solely depending on the native region being offence to anyone who makes things to sell ie.Fantasy créature books but he is honest and transparent artist and cleaning his own back yard before worrying about his neighbour.Something clearly many folders leave to somebody else.
Kawahata gets my respecte since he draws well and its uncluttered ...
Robert j.Lang are not enjoyable..... lack of colour.advanced level reference points.Circle packing is too advanced for 12 year olds.And often the shaping is lacklustre.
Another artist who has great communis fly is Victoria Serova..what i liked about her book is that she keeps a repeat pattern of the first Ten or so folds then it varies off from their like Sirgo with his blintzes ..What i didnt like about Serovas Sculptures book the crease patterns are 64* on average so large sheets and time is needed .Unless you have followed her book from cover to cover you wont be able to jump in and pick ...
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