Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

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Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

Post by JamesOrigami490 »

It's been a long time since I've been here. It's been hard to find the time...but I'm back. You may or may not remember me, but I was a forum nobody a few months ago, just trying to fit in. Well, let me tell you something.

James is back, and better than ever

So, I was diagnosed with SAD a few months ago (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Due to a lack of sunlight in the winter, a chemical imbalance in my brain causes me to have something close to depression. :(

Before then, I was doing pretty horribly. I got a 64% on my Algebra II test, started to avoid doing homework, etc.

Then, my mom noticed something was up. We realized that my aunt and uncle both have SAD, and Mom thinks she might have it too. So we went to see a doctor, and sure enough, we both have SAD.
The doctor recommended light therapy, and it's been a lot better.

But still not good enough. That's when I turned to art. I would express my feelings in Surrealism. It really helped me release my emotions in a good way. And then I thought...what if I turned my surrealist artwork into Origami? And that's what I've been doing. I paint an artwork, and then I fold an origami scene based off of it. It's helped my origami and my painting. I'm more creative, I'm better at designing models, and I'm better at folding! It's amazing!

And that's where it turns to you. You wonderful people inspired me to keep going. I would check the forums every day, because you all are so happy, so humorous, so fun, but I never came on until now (I tried going on yesterday, but forgot my password).

Thank you, Forum friends.

Thank you.
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Re: Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

Post by Swapnil Das »

That's quite a sad story.

Anyway's I can't wait to see your new artworks and folds!
We're all stories in the end.

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Re: Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

Post by phillipcurl »

hey, 64's passing in most schools. i've suffered with depression for something like 7 years now, so if you want to talk about it PM me. Mine is probably for different reasons though.
anyways, welcome back!
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Re: Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

Post by Rosugamer »

Welcome back!
Hope everything will turn out OK.
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Re: Hey everyone! (My return + a little story)

Post by EM origami »

Welcome back!
- EM origami
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