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Anyone use it? I started making games in it a few months ago and I love it.

Right now, I'm making a 3rd person game where the students have overthrown the cruel teachers of the school and locked them away in the detention room. The kids gradually transform from a uniform character model until eventually, you have the nerds and the jocks and the bullies. This change of uniformity starts out as a good thing, but eventually tensions rise. The bullies start to take control, and order the death of the teachers.

The character, controlled by you, can be chosen to be a nerd or a bully etc. This causes different tasks that the character must do. You might have to barricade the doors in case the police come, or guard the prisoners, but eventually, whatever storyline you chose, you realize how awful the system is, and you try to do something about it.

Wait a minute...this story sounds a bit familiar... #-o

Anyway, here you can talk about Unity if you want. What projects you're making, what you like about it, what you're hoping for in Unity 5, etc.

If you don't have Unity, feel free to get it. Unity Indie is completely free!
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Re: Unity3d?

Post by origamifan11 »

Hi James, I also use Unity for game creation. I haven't really made anything in it yet, just messed around. Also a song that fits the storyline of your game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34ZmKbe5oG4. :)
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Re: Unity3d?

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I got it!
- EM origami
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