Is anyone vegetarian?

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Is anyone vegetarian?

Post by ~origami~ »

I am.
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Post by ~folder~of~paper~ »

So am I, heh. And you, Kate are the reason I became one...
BTW, you only need to create a topic once.
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Post by Cupcake »

Hmm... Nope, not me. However, I don't eat meat unless it's supper time (and to this day I still don't have a clue why)
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Re: Is anyone vegetarian?

Post by Nick »

~origami~ wrote:I am.
Me too. I know of at least one other UK veggy member of the BOS, so we're a pretty exclusive group. "I'd rather fold a pig than eat one" :P
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Post by foldymole »

Oh, yeah.

Look out BOS, the veggies are coming (when I join)
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Post by Nostalgic »

I love meat :D

I have 2 veggie friends though and one of them does not like veggies lol.

he eats a lot of bread and pasta
vegemite and lettuce
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dragon man
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Post by dragon man »

Im a vegetarian and a member of the BOS :D
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Post by angrydemon »

Sorry, I'm not. I can't eat leafy vegetables. For some reason, the texture of the leaves causes me to vomit. I can eat lettuce, bean sprouts, cauliflower and most root vegetables, as long as they don't have leaves. I do have a friend who is voluntarily vegetarian. Not because he pities the animals, but because he...doesn't like the taste of meat Image
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Post by chesslo »

me eat meat, and vege wege from some time :arrow:
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Joe the white
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Post by Joe the white »

Greens don't sit well on my stomach either, so I tend to eat more meats as well. I hadn't really given much thought about being a vegetarian till I met one in person two years ago and we had a conversation. I took 4 years of horticulture in high school and I've always enjoyed nature. I can't really choose between eating animals or plants, they're both equally living beings to me. I'd rather eat nothing, but one can't survive long that way, so I'll not discriminate and just eat both =p.
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Post by chesslo »

hey, i want to ask you guys if you have ever eaten something unusal before?

for me it would be deer, cros, snakes, beetles :oops:
Joseph Wu
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Post by Joseph Wu »

What's unusual for one person is normal for another, right? :)

Anyway, here's my list (based on a "normal" North American diet): deer, wild boar, snake, turtle, ostrich, emu, kangaroo, bear, frog, goat, chicken knuckles, tripe, spleen, heart, lung, tendon, brain. There's probably more, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.
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Post by Trekker_1983 »

Not a vegetarian, but I like vegetables (except for spinach and carrot).
Being a vegetarian would be interesting to try.

"eaten something unusual before?"
hmm.. it's not unusual here (in fact it's popular), but I'm gonna say I ate durian. yes! that stinky fruit. That's enough to freak most people out on the internet, right? :P
I'm not too fond of the fruit but it tastes pretty decent to me, but I like durian ice cream better. :lol:
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Post by aesthetistician »

angrydemon wrote: I can't eat leafy vegetables... I can eat lettuce, bean sprouts, cauliflower and most root vegetables, as long as they don't have leaves.
Isn't lettuce...entirely leaves? *confused*

I'll try almost any food at least once - how else could you find out what you liked? Except brains, because I'm a scaredy cat about prion disease.
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Post by nonkelgans »

I'm not entirely vegetarian but my girlfriend is so I don't eat a lot of meat because we often cook together.
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