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i'm from holland, we have a book at home with stupid mistakes dutch people have made in english. i'll write a few down

what do you?
~what are you doing?

she worked hardly
~she worked a lot

your plane leaves stiptly at ten for half two
~your plane leaves exact 20 minutes past 9

why is he on rice?
~why is he traveling?

forget it but!
~just forget it!

I am completely chewed out
~ i'm exhausted

this is just a fraction
it's reaaaly funny
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Would it happen to be called "I always get my sin" ? That's an awesome book!

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my wife's bottom"
~ My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

"How do you do and how do you do your wife?"
~ How are you and your wife doing?
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i really like it. are you from holland that you have heard of it?
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Spanish its a good language. but the mexican slang its quite funny.
Just as an example: mother (in spanish - madre), its an all-use word, generally these are in a:
Madre - thing (check out this mother)
madrecita - very small thing
madresota - very big thing
madrazo - punch
madres! - ouch!
a toda madre - very fast/ very good
Hasta la madre - Full
These are just a few examples. Just for mother there is quite a new languaje
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In Spanish / Nahuatl

Post by Piotzintli »

Also the Spanish words in augmentative and diminutive have original forms of expresion, for example:

patito (little duck)
perrote (big dog)
pollita (little chick)

This words was forming adding a prefix (ito, ote). Seems this prefix not exist in English.

I think this forms of expresions in México have also origins in another language, "the Náhuatl", that forms part of the native culture.
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