It just had to happen!

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It just had to happen!

Post by AquaDragon »

In my Language Arts class, we are reading a book that deals with poetry. Normally, at the end of class (if there's enough time left), we get to read a few of our pieces of poetry.

On today's topic, we could write about any subject we chose (as long as it's school appropriate), and that's what I did. My teacher really liked the poem, and that made me want to read it at the end of class. The time came, when I thought to myself that I was too nervous to read it, with everyone's focus on you. So I asked the teacher to read it to the class, but not use my name. In the end, everybody ended up really liking it! ](*,)

This seems to happen a lot to me. :o

P.S.: If you want me to put the poem up, I can do that so you can read it. :)
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Post by origami_roast »

post it! :D
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Post by Duckie »

yes! please post it!
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Post by mrsriggins »

post, post, post! I love poetry. I'll even post one of mine so you're not alone :D

Pieces of Night

Lost Pieces of Night, How they echo your name
Amidst the whispers of solitude
Song birds singing of the heavens, The beat of my heart for yours
Call out, dear love
My soul awaits your beckoning, Cast your eyes upon me
Reach out, dear heart
My soul anticipates your touch, Run your fingertips upon me
Oh if only you knew
The waking ache inside, this dismal corner deep
That longs for your arrival
Announce your proclimation, Pronounce your parted love
My sweet, do your dream, That in the dusky twilight
We are once again one, Reunited in the stars
Embrace this migration of thought
Wander your consciousness long into a wish
Of this forever sunset, your hand in mine
Tentatively touching, Heart to heart
How that setting fire blazed into this bloody flame
That forever speaks your name, How it burns, bright love

Teri Riggins
"There are times when hope itself is an act of heroism. So here's to hope, and everyday heroes. " -Jacqueline Carey
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Post by chesslo »

wow very nice :D
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Post by araknoid »

poetry time? here's one. realy appreciated if someone knows where it's from (original source) thanks! : )

i have become thin as a paper.
blind nerves deny me again,
their electricity gone at the root.
a life diminished to this white room,
these walls, plants, letters.
black birds tacked on a yellow winter sky.
the tang of candle smoke,
amnesiac hiss of gas jets.
soon the surgeon will come,
walking on blades,
spider-gloves twitching in light gone stale.
the mirror is sick with futures.
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Post by angrydemon »

I wrote this in my blog. It's extremely depressing. In fact don't even read it unless you're drunk Image

As I walked through the dark halls of endless suffering
I see dismembered bodies hanging from the walls
I can feel their misery I can hear them crying
Their bodies strewn like lifeless rag dolls
Their souls without faces
Their blood like paint that fills vast empty spaces
Their entrails hang loose from the Grim Reaper's scythe
As I look around me from left to right
Corruption, pollution, famine, greed
Traces of our ancestor's sins
Mother Earth is forced to suffer and bleed
Our footsteps pierce her like fiery pins
Why should I live when so many die?
I gaze upon the abyss of darkness
I leap of the ledge, pretend I could fly
I've fallen down, and I can't get up.
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Post by chesslo »

:shock: WOW,great stuff
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Post by dragon man »

Thats Great AngryDemon :D however i wouldn't like to be your psychiatrist :lol:
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