Two languages

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can you speak 2 languages

i speak 3
i speak more!!!
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Re: Two languages

Post by EM origami »

I want to learn Japanese, only, I have no time. :|
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Re: Two languages

Post by JWorigamist »

I speak English, Spanish, and Latin. I have been working on Japanese for origami purposes.
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Re: Two languages

Post by Jeffery Mewtamer »

I took Japanese for my foreign language requirement in highschool, but didn't do all that gret(only got a C in Japanese 2 on a second attempt), but it's still the closest I've come to breaking out of the monolingual minority(a fact, that unlike most Americans, I'm properly ashamed of).

I've also had a semester of German at a University, but that went even worse than my attempts at learning Japanese.
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Re: Two languages

Post by kirakinn »

Like lots of other people here, I've been teaching myself Japanese for origami purposes. It's been going fairly well, but remembering vocabulary is really hard for me.
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Re: Two languages

Post by valerite »

I've been thinking of giving myself a basic understanding of how Asian languages and work, and mainly Japanese (no reason, just... youknow... :P)

kirakinn, what are you using to teach yourself? I haven't been able to find anything besides an old broken CD at a thrift shop. Is it online?
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Re: Two languages

Post by HankSimon »

In general, I like the Pimsleur Courses for Languages on CD, which I can usually find in the local library.
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Re: Two languages

Post by swapnikJorigami »

I speak three - English, Telugu and Hindi. Telugu is my mother tongue, Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India and it is essential to learn it, and I guess I don't need to say about English :B
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