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Camera options

Posted: February 17th, 2010, 10:26 pm
by gordigami
Thank you for your insights into selecting a digital camera for origami shooting.

My hobby before origami actually was photography, so I would never use a webcam, cell phone or "toy" camera for detail .

I have a plethora of older digital cameras, as well as Nikon SLR and Mamiya medium format , that while they take excellent photos, I find that they do not travel well, and generally not conducive to spontaneity away from home, or at conventions.

Possibly the newer Four-Thirds format might be a compromise.

I tend to research the usual websites such as Steves Digicams, dpreview, and imaging-resource , as well as examine what is frequently used on Flickr .

I suffer from an over abundance of specifications, without a clearly superior , portable digital camera.

My ever growing fear is that I will ultimately have to reluctantly accept the smaller DSLR route . Unless someone has an outstanding experience with a smaller camera, such as Leica D-lux 4 or some such. ( the Leica M9 is beyond my budget, but otherwise excellent !)

Anna, thanks for your idea to test cameras in store, I will certainly do so .