introvert or extrovert?

Place all non-origami related posts in here; films, food, your life etc.

Would you describe yourself as introverted or extroverted?

In between
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Post by Galif »

I'm completely extroverted with anyone and I make friends very easily ^^'!
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Post by BluePaper »

I am definately an introvert, I keep to myself about 90% of the time, I do not make freinds very easily, I'm shy, I'm not very active or prone to perform physical activities. I WANT to make freinds, but I have a good deal of trouble doing so unless someone else has the initiative to try and create that bond, I'm just that kind of guy...
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Post by ftangdude55 »

I am definitely an introvert, in pretty much the same way as BluePaper.

EDIT: In response to Ahudson: Offline.
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Post by ahudson »

Online or offline? :roll:

Actually, I think you'd have to be an introvert to get very good at origami... too much time required! And when you add being on a forum... well, we're all geeks here! :lol:
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Post by unknownfolder »

Yeah you do have to have a lot of time. Time is not my friend right now. I have not been folding too much lately. With all the Spanish, Algebra, English, and Chemistry, I just cannot incorporate Origami.

Come on we are not all geeks. Some of us are much worse than that. :wink: After two months of this post being up, I just noticed a typo I made in the poll question. :evil: It bothers me so much that I cannot correct it. I literally attacked it with my mouse. See, now isn't that worse than being a geek?
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Post by origami_8 »

Don't hit your mouse too hard, I've corrected it for you.

(An introvert geek...)
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Post by Morgan »

*EDIT* oops..this was meant to come right after papercrane_28..haha anyway, they mentioned talking to yourself on page 1

you know, i never understood why talking to yourself was so bad..., i mean maybe if the person is so into the conversation that they disregaurd anything else completely, like

*mumblemumble* person says "hey there what are you eating for lunch? talktoyourselfperson says *mumble*mumble* and doesnt even acknowledge the other person.. no..talking to yourself is very normal! right?

silly social things...its like they go against natural human behavior.... anyway

major introvert here :)
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Post by Joe the white »

I'd say I'm about 70% introverted. I don't enjoy popularity or being a leader, but I tend to end up in those situations. I don't like to speak unless its something I feel is important, often taking quite some time to produce (many of my posts here come after about 10 minutes or more of writing and thought, some become redundant as someone answers a question and I end up scrapping the post).
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Post by tikitiki »

I'm between because with my friends I always am causing a ruckus, but I have fewer friends, although they rock. :D
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Post by mastermattdude »

Another introvert here. I am around 70 percent introverted although my perceptions of my personality are not yet fully matured, since I am still in high school. By definition, a senior in high school is unsure of who he is, what he wants, and what the nature of the world is. :lol: But is anyone ever sure about these things? :-s

Oh and by the way, I think a good word for an "in the middle" person is "ambivert."
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Post by angrydemon »

I noticed that ever since I started folding origami last year I've become more and more introverted. I think it's because I'm always thinking too much. For some reason, I also lost my ability to spontaneously make jokes, so I'm no longer funny or popular, which kind of sucks. I also used to talk a lot, and very loudly, but now I'm just the quiet emo emoing in the corner like tacky furniture. If it weren't for origami I would still be making witty jokes and be the life of every party.
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Post by Morgan »

maybe its the internet and not origami that is the downfall
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Post by M Deutsch »

I said in between because I would not call myself either. I'm usually quite out there but sometimes i just want to be alone.

Of course at the last party I attended I did apparently get quite inebriated and folded origami by request. I don't remember that well but i know i made a snail and a little human figure and other things people wanted, I'm sure they were very poor folds. Ha. Was fun though.
- Matthew
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Post by Zoraz »

Im about 90% introverted. Im only loud around my best friends. Everyone else sees me as that quiet smart guy that folds frogs/dragons/unicorns/whatever they first saw me make. I would rather be alone than at a huge party, unless one of my friends was going to be there. I also think too much.

P.S. Finally broke the 50 post barrier!
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Post by WhisperPuffin »

I just noticed a typo I made in the poll question. It bothers me so much that I cannot correct it. I literally attacked it with my mouse. See, now isn't that worse than being a geek?
Oooh, that sounds like me. anyway, I am like bluepaper and Ftangdude55.

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