Sticks and yarn ...

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Sticks and yarn ...

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Just wondering if anyone knits and/or crochets here, beacuse I knit and trying to learn to crochet. I'd post pictures if I owned a camera that isn't a complete piece of CRAP, but I mainly make hats.
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Post by Mars »

When I was young, my mom showed me how to crochet and I think that crocheting is easier than knitting (well I haven't tried knitting before, but my mom says that crocheting is easier). I have forgotten how to crochet though, but I'm sure I would remember how to, if I asked my mom how to crochet. I only crocheted chains which was pretty simple. I never made any hat or blanket, or anything like that :wink: . If you're new to crocheting, I think you should start by crocheting chains.

Good Luck! :D
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