Vote for the folding party!

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Vote for the folding party!

Post by Zoraz »

Here's a little origami story.

Today in my government class, we had to create our own political party and write a platform, so I made the folding party! heres the platform.

Purpose: to create a folding nation!
All citizens should at least memorize the traditional crane.
Scissors require a special permit to own
All paper must be square to make recycling easier
Origami design classes will become part of the core classes
Those that can fold from CPs get extra benefits
Some kind of origami design program will be standard on every computer

The animal mascot is a crane.
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dragon man
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Post by dragon man »

you've got my vote :wink:
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Post by origami street racer »

is the name of your group the foldingcrats or the folding party
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Post by Sadarac »

what happen if they forget the crane???
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Post by chesslo »

they will get the paper belt whipping.... 8)
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