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Who would watch a podcast about Origami?

I would.
I wouldnt.
Whats a podcast?
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Post by Kamicast »

we would also answer viewer emails.
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Post by origami_8 »

Kamicast, maybe you could tell us what exactly YOU had in mind when starting this topic.
M Deutsch
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Post by M Deutsch »

I think the best ideas I could give for an origami podcast would be

Interviews with prominent artists about design methods or other topics.
Showcase of interesting models perhaps with author commentary.
Coverage of Conventions or other origami ongoings.
Fun discussions about origami in general. A panel could potentially devote an entire show to the pros and cons of boxpleating or their favorite methods to diagramming or the issues surrounding paper and where to get it.

I think the biggest issue to starting a good Origami Podcast (as with all podcasts) is finding a proper panel. In my opinion 1 person casts always seem contrived. 2 is difficult unless they both have a good dynamic and can carry a show with just one other person. 3 is probably perfect. Just get 3 guys who have a good dynamic together and can just shoot the breeze and fold whilst having some origami conversations. It would be great. Try and work in a couple of interviews or include some prominent artists over skype and boom you have a great audio cast.

Of course I assume you meant video cast because of your filming comment but I believe that that might be unnecesary unless your direction is quite different than mine. I would prefer to listen to a weekly or perhaps twice a month podcast about an hour long with some great discussions instead of the same old video with simple diagrams.

I might have gone a little overboard in my analysis of a podcast but I think if you take some ideas to heart you could have a great cast. But hey, what do I know. Whatever you do I'll at least watch the first one.
- Matthew
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Post by Sadarac »

OHh Ive got an idea.

First you talk about origami recent happenings and upcoming events.
Then you Do a HOW-TO segment, something bout CPs, or boxpleating or something. not too much on that.
After that you could have a featured Artist or work.
Finnally a reveiw of the difficulty of a piece. (or pecies)

If you were to do it like this you could make it as short as 15 min or as long as a hour. the time would be your choice :)
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Post by Morgan »

a podast would be so cool ive always wanted to read tanteidan magazines..but i dont know japanese...so like discussions about origmi would be WAY cool..I kinda see this as a video of the tanteidan magazine articles. i mean not taking them verbatem or anything, just the idea of the different topics and stuff...and ya :)
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