Fictional History

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Fictional History

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Fictional History is the best I could discribe it, but it's not limited to history. It can be a sort of alternate way of thinking, a portrayal of an object you see everyday put into another light, or another way of using it, or simply just your own creative world from scratch.

Steam Punk: The fictional idea that the information age took place where steam was still the main form of power. It's also a fashion sense, and an expression I've heard that I like is "Showing the guts". Where you take what is normally hidden away, and put it on display. Show the inner workings, the pipes, the gears, everything. R2D2 as steampunk.

Air Ships: Now before googling it and coming across just blimps, try this on for size. [x]. One of the most famous examples I can think of is the fictional story, where a mans mother used his mothers spells to enchant ships, with sails fit for space. Mind you, it's astronomy, but space ship, air ship, all the same when you get down to it.
another airship

Futuristic is fairly self explanatory :P

So, lets hop to it, and see who can do the best~
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