3D Origami Paper Swan (HD) tell me what you think!

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3D Origami Paper Swan (HD) tell me what you think!

Postby The Maker » June 30th, 2017, 3:21 pm

Thank you for your interest and please let me know what you think! Here is the video link:


Here is the video description:

"3D Origami Paper Swan"
Instructions for how to make the triangles here:
This project took about a month to finish. I did not come up with the concept, but did come up with the color scheme. This paper swan uses a technique called "3D Origami". It just means making a ton of little triangles out of paper and sticking them together. No glue is required! There are about 500 pieces altogether. Check out my other video in the description for a tutorial on how to make your own creations!
Channel link here:
Thank you for all the support that I have received from the CR4 community!
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Re: 3D Origami Paper Swan (HD) tell me what you think!

Postby Gerardo » July 5th, 2017, 8:43 pm

Loved the colors :).
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