Project Ryu Zin 3.5 --> 2024

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Project Ryu Zin 3.5 --> 2024

Postby e-mo » February 12th, 2019, 11:18 am

Hello all,

I am a patient folder and have been interested in folding the Ryu Zin 3.5 for a very long time, since it I first saw it. I guess all of you agree, that it is an amazing masterpiece in the world of origami.
Now, I dare to give the ryu zin a try and hopefully I will be able to fold it by 2024, the year of the dragon!
I am intending to donate that dragon to a local pagoda in Frankfurt once it is done in 2024.

So far, I have collected a lot of information and read a lot in this forum.
I am still not clear what strenght of paper is best to fold with.

This will the process:

- buy the book (I do have the CP and could get a pdf version of that book online, but I think it is worth to have this book in hardcover version in my shelves.
- buy the right paper to fold that model:
--> will be a role of 450m x120cm of kraftpaper, with a paperstrenght of 40gr/m² (or should it be 50gr/m² ?) ... oessen-157
- precrease the sections first
- testfolding of particular parts before applying it on the mastersheet
- getting support in this forum when facing problems...

I will post news and progress here...and hopefully will be completed by 2024 :-)


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Re: Project Ryu Zin 3.5 --> 2024

Postby sable7 » February 13th, 2019, 2:27 am

Good luck, e-mo! Great that you plan to donate it :)
I’m a young folder from the U.S. I love folding complex models and I’m beginning to design my own.
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