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Re: Monthly Folding and other Challenges Archive

Post by Andre-4 »

I noticed the board has been slow and I suppose the admins work full time who don't really promote the board or encourage traffic from the world wide Web.
Maybe hire new admins that are fully committed or promote members who contribute alot .With the competition many challenges were out of touch with the readership age.Young folders aren't going to design complex subjects they just want to do animals and cartoons that relate to their era .
Neither Instagram Twitter tiktok Triller or Facebook are bringing links to here . And there no ads . !!
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Re: Monthly Folding and other Challenges Archive

Post by Gerardo »

What do you mean by "board" Andre-4? I think I and others are simply OK with the forum slowly dying. It was an amazing platform for many years, but it didn't have to be forever. We're just moving on to other platforms.

Have you tried the Discord groups? Maybe that's your cup of tea.

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Re: Monthly Folding and other Challenges Archive

Post by origami_8 »

Dear Andre-4 the forum once was a place full of Origami enthusiasts that heavily interacted with each other, as was the Origami Mailing List that as its best times saw up to fifty Mails a day. Times change and so do people and the internet. The people who run the Forum all do it voluntarily without any payment or other incentives. That Saj, who isn't active here for years, still pays the bills to keep the Forum up and running is really kind of him, but nothing anyone can demand from him. Running an advertisement campaign costs a lot of money and what for? Who's gonna pay for it and who`s gonna make it? As you rightfully pointed out all the Moderators have full-time jobs and are managing the board in their free time. It is soon twenty years that I joined this Forum, priorities changed over time. Sure I'd like this place to be more alive, but things are as they are. The once young people from twenty years ago now are in their forties or fifties, they have families to care for. The new generation of folders doesn't seem interested in boring old forums, they prefer never platforms like discord.

Oh and as to the competition topics, those have always been chosen by the active members. No one forced a topic upon us and you are always free to announce a new competition yourself.
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