Monthly Design Challenge March 2020

Friendly design and folding competitions.
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Re: Monthly Design Challenge March 2020

Post by Origamitrieste »

It was so difficult for me to choose the winner of this challenge.
All the designs are fantastic:
- Grace's "sunbrust" is very well designed and has particularly impressed me thanks to the wonderful color change;
- origami_8's "pop-up card" is a lovely example of a simple but very suggestive and effective origami;
- Grace's "origami popping Christmas decoration" is very smart and interesting since it was folded from a single sheet without cuts;
- firstfold's "Sliding Shape" is impressive due to the fluidity with which the various pieces move;
- Grace's "bell, triangle, hexagon & square" it's a very interesting and innovative design;
- firstfold's "Jacob's Ladder" is also a well thought out and smart design;
-astonishing is the variety of ways in which the firstfold's "flexigon" can be folded and the color change that forms from figure to figure is particularly pretty;
-beautiful is also your last model firstfold, i didn't imagine that someone could create an origami like that.
However, I believe that the victory lies with the firstfold's "origami combination lock", which, in my opinion, has hit the theme of this month. It amazes me every time i see it, it's like a real lock!

Congratulations 'firstfold' you will have the honor of judging the April competition and proposing the theme for the May one.
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Re: Monthly Design Challenge March 2020

Post by Grace159 »

I am really happy with how this challenge turned out. I love all the models that have been made, but I must admit Firstfold's last two models are absolutely brilliant.

Thank you for judging this month's challenge Origamitrieste.
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