Foil for Origami

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Foil for Origami

Postby Tahaorigami » April 24th, 2018, 9:38 am

I'm ordering some foil rolls in gold and silver. My question is, are ALL types of foil suitable for origami? Or does it have to be a specific thickness or weight in order to be folded?
I've tried ordinary kitchen foil, it worked perfectly, but I can't find these in a larger size or a different colour. So I'll be buying larger rolls in gold and silver from Amazon.

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Re: Foil for Origami

Postby Baltorigamist » April 26th, 2018, 9:28 pm

In general, foil is better for testfolds than for display models. As with almost any paper, you want to find a good balance of thickness (or thinness) and strength. Depending on the specific properties of the rolls you ordered, you may want to glue tissue paper to at least one side first.
To answer your initial question, I don't see why not. Some will undoubtedly be better-suited than others, and that's something you have to guage for yourself.
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