Acrylic paint sticking to glass

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Acrylic paint sticking to glass

Post by Tantali »

When dyeing my paper with acrylic paints, the fibers often get stuck quite hard to the glass surface, to the point where the paper gets destroyed when I try to remove it when it's dried. Using only MC to size the paper, I don't have this problem, the paper comes off cleanly and easily.
I'm wondering whether that's a common problem, or if there's something different with the type of paint I'm using.

I've tried multiple strategies to mitigate the problem, the one that helps the most is first putting down a layer of MC on the glass and let it dry. Afterwards put the paper on there and do the typical MC sizing, mixed with acrylic paint. This works well, as long as the dried layer doesn't become too wet, so it doesn't start mixing with the paint.

Does everyone encounter this problem? If so, what are your solutions? And if not, what paints do you use?
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Re: Acrylic paint sticking to glass

Post by Gerardo »

I don't usually paint thin papers, since I don't fold complex models, but I can imagine a thin paper sticking to glass after getting damp. I think your solution is a really good one :). If you want, you can ask for more advice to Origami_Hunt. He seems to know a lot about adding substances to paper: ... ile&u=6263
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Re: Acrylic paint sticking to glass

Post by Origami_Hunt »

Hi Gerardo and Tantali,

I wonder whether a layer of a water repellent would help. You can find it in sprays used to waterproof shoes and clothes. They may cost between £2 to £10. It may stain the paper, but it is worth a shot.

The other possibility is to try food colourants. You can buy six colours for £5 or 24 for £14 from Amazon. If you want to try before buying a full set, you can buy individual colours from your supermarket for about £1.5. You can find them in the backing section.

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Re: Acrylic paint sticking to glass

Post by shortloldude »

While I have not tried paint with my paper, I have had issues with paper sticking to glass using MC. I would try messing with the humidity as well as how fast the paper dries.

Speeding it up with a fan blowing air or slowing it down by cover the paper may help, as well as if it's too cold or on the other hand too humid.

As a final solution, if you have a sheet you made that's dried onto the glass and want to save it, try wiping the paper with a damp sponge to release it from the glass, then hang it out to dry (don't let the paper stick to itself!)
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