Papers - White glue, “mousse” glue

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An insect folder
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Papers - White glue, “mousse” glue

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Hello everyone!

I tried to buy some MC glue at the local paper store, but there isn’t any. I ended up buying this “mousse” glue and white glue. Is any good for making paper (like double tissue etc) and for shaping? Do I need to mix any with water?

Also, any advice on making paper with tissue that bleeds its color with water?

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Re: Papers - White glue, “mousse” glue

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As you can see, this forum isn't as active nowadays.

Try asking in The Origami Mailing List: ... fo/origami

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Re: Papers - White glue, “mousse” glue

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You can use diluted white glue but the behaviour of the glue and the outcome is very different than with MC. If you want to try it again at your local paper store ask for the paste that is used to make Papier-mâché. Another possibility is to visit a hardware store and look out for wallpaper paste, the stuff that is used to glue wallpapers and advertisements to walls.
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