Coloring MC

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Coloring MC

Post by spectrum »

Obviously this doesn't matter for already colored tissue paper, but let's say I wanted to utilize a bunch of tracing paper or white tissue paper by dying the mc a desired color before applying it.

Has anybody tried this? I'm a long time folder, but I've just started dabbling into the processes of back-coating paper.
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Re: Coloring MC

Post by loganorigami »

Tadashimori has a tutorial on YouTube for exactly this, he just put some acrylic paint in the mc before sizing.
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Re: Coloring MC

Post by Benlewisorigami »

Yep, Logan has it right. you may also be able to add some ink depending on the color(s) you want
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Re: Coloring MC

Post by OrigamiasaEnthusiast »

I don't want to bump, but my bleeding tissue colors the brush and when I dip it in MC color comes there a way to reverse that?
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