Making tissue foil tip

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Making tissue foil tip

Postby Lexigon5 » January 23rd, 2017, 12:52 am

Hello. I am new member here.
I wanted to share a recent discovery I made for getting wrinkle free tissue foil. It could also be applied to making double tissue although a more expensive solution.

First of all there are three types of tissue paper:

1. MF (machine finished). Glazed on both sides. (Rare and expensive)
2. MG (machine glazed). Glazed on one side.
3. Standard tissue paper not glazed on either side.

The first batch I bought was MG one sided glazed, and so when you roll it out glazed side down onto the glue surfaced foil it will not soak up the moisture so quickly and therefore easy to avoid wrinkles.
The problem was that not knowing that both sides of my tissue were different I was split between rolling my tissue glazed side up and glazed side down.

The latest tissue that I bought and used a few days ago was making wrinkled tissue foil every time.
I checked it after my discovery and not surprisingly there was no machine finish on either side.
So this is my tip for tissue foil. That you should buy MG tissue and always make sure to roll it out glazed side down.

Double Tissue.
This tip is theory as I do not have any MF tissue yet.

To start with you will need to use a 2mm sheet of Aluminium as your surface.
This is because your finished double tissue will easily peel from the surface since mc and cmc do not stick fully to metal.
So you start by brushing a layer of mc/cmc to your aluminium surface, and then roll out your MF tissue onto your aluminium sheet, smoothing out the wrinkles as you go just as you would when making tissue foil.
This will hold you 1st tissue sheet in place for your next layer of mc.
My recommendation at this point is that you use a high viscous spray bottle to make a light coating of mc onto this 1st sheet which will not soak in so quickly since you are using MF tissue glazed on both sides.
If you are quick then you should be able to roll yoursecond sheet down without either sheet being wrinkled.
You could of course use MG for your second sheet as long as you remember to roll it glazed side down.

Now at this point you are just fixing down two sheets of wrinkle free tissue ready for smothering with mc.
Let it dry for a while so that both sheets are firmly in place and then douse with as much mc as you want for stiffening.

Incidentally I am from the UK and have found a good supplier of cmc which Robert Lang says is actually better than mc. I found it at a book conservation supplier that sells 1 kilo in a nice plastic tub for £16.95.
This is very cheap for the amount you get which will make hundreds of sheets: ... rch_result search_in_description=1&keyword=scmc

Sorry for the long link but it is for the exact page. If you are outside the UK then contact them to see if they will deliver to your country or check to see if there is a book conservation supplier in your area that stocks cmc. Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (SCMC)
cmc is can be mixed with hot or cold water whereas mc only with cold.
It is pure and so hard to mix without fish eyes.
What you have to do is create a vortex using a blender and gently sprinkle the powder into the vortex.
You must stop the blender immediately after you see it is mixed in otherwise it will cause sheering where you lose viscosity.
Another thing you can do is to mix one teaspoon of cmc with one tablespoon of salt to separate the cmc particles from each other. Job will be much easier then.

Anyway these are my ideas, and if any of you have the materials to try out my idea for wrinkle free double tissue I would like to know how it went.
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Re: Making tissue foil tip

Postby idooi56 » February 9th, 2017, 7:52 am

..... Or you can simply use a roller to apply the tissue paper. Works perfect for me.... Anyway great tutorial, thank you for sharing!
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