ULine foil gift wrap

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ULine foil gift wrap

Post by rwzheng1997 »

Finding it difficult to find large quantities of foil. Does anyone know if this Uline foil "gift wrap" is foldable? Is it foil, or is it tissue gift wrap, or is it like a plastic?

If anyone's tried this before, please comment your thoughts below!

Product link: https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S- ... sXEALw_wcB
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Re: ULine foil gift wrap

Post by bethnor »

that looks like just straight up aluminum foil, to me.

i have a thread about large, paper-backed foil here.

in general, the thickness is about the same as the rolls of foil you can buy from origami-shop (which in turn is a noticeably thicker than japanese foil).

please note that you can now buy large squares (50 cm +) of japanese foil from origami-shop.
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