Making Single Tissue paper (treating with MC)

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Making Single Tissue paper (treating with MC)

Post by Alo »

I just successfully learned to make double tissue paper and now i want something even thinner so I tried to treat only 1 sheet of tissue paper with MC. Creases on this paper were very hard to reverse fold and it was almost too thin.
Does anyone have any recommendations for brand of non bleeding tissue paper that is thick enough for making single tissue paper ?
And/Or are there any tricks for making single tissue which could solve the reverse folding problem ?
Thank you !
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Re: Making Single Tissue paper (treating with MC)

Post by Baltorigamist »

I've had good results with red American Greetings tissue and passable (if less than stellar) results with the metallic Hallmark tissue. (The former is what I used for my Scutigera 2019.) I haven't tried other colors of AG, but I have a couple packs of it.
Regarding your second question, that's simply the nature of single tissue--creases are really difficult to reverse. Everything is a trade-off.
You might be able to get crisper single tissue by using something other than MC as the sizing agent; there's a thread in this very subforum about MC alternatives.
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