All my paper reviews in one place

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All my paper reviews in one place

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I finished migrating all my paper reviews scattered around social media accounts to my web page. They are now all available at

Here are the papers I reviewed so far (from newest to oldest review): Unryu, book wrapping foil, sponge cloth, John Gerard’s handmade hemp and flax paper, Shadow Fold (Karaperapisu), Khepera, treating an old calendar to make it foldable, Ogawa Washi, Korean Hanji, Goat Skin, Ogura, Rouketsu, Splendrogel (two reviews), Givande, Tant, Biogami, John Gerard’s handmade abaca and flax paper, Edokosome, Nicolas Terry Tissue Foil, Accademia, Vintage, Lokhu, Yohishi (Bear Hide), Kinumomi (Rhinoceros Hide), corrugated paperboard, Biotope, Kaiser (Stark), Awagami Kozo Natural Select, Lokta, felt, Earth Treasure, Wibalin, Palatina, Murillo, unidentified thick embossed paper, laid paper, Golden River Leather, Eko Lux, Tsumugi, notes on paper fading over time.

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