Dutch court pioneers copyright for all ?

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would you use the creative commons act instead of the usual copyright laws on your diagrams ?

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no way!
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Dutch court pioneers copyright for all ?

Postby islandmassive » April 21st, 2006, 10:39 am

ive looked in the achives for posts on this and havent descovered one so i thought i would post one my self if there is one just ignore me! :)

a dutch court has ruled that the creative commons act of 2001 gives people the same protection as traditional copyright laws
you can ajust and tailor make the act from the documents on there site http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/ as it gives you the right to specify how your work is used by others by designating content as 'some rights reserved' as opposed to 'all rights reserved' under formal copyright laws.

a legal ruling came when a celebrity put pictures of his family on a online photo sharing site under the creative commons act 2001 but a dutch newspaper ignored the act as a "waste of time and a laugh" the paper was sued under copyright infringments

as acording to copyright at the moment i am atualy not alloud to download
diagrams from someones site and keep them for another day as this would be classed as a retrival system unless i had there permission. could you imagine going to every person with diagrams you like and asking if you could download them and keep them for personal use! but then having them send you a legal document which you would need to print off and keep with the diagrams at all times i can understand if you putting them somewhere for the world to see but you wouldnt be.
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