Help me with Lang's Samurai Helmet Beetle

Need help with folding a model? Ask here.
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Help me with Lang's Samurai Helmet Beetle

Post by matheus »

Yesterday I started folding Robert Lang's Samurai Helmet Beetle (Insects II). Generally I find his diagrams really clear, but this time I'm having some trouble.

Now, I'm stuck on step 15. Could some one help me figure that one out? I can't visualize what has to be done so if someone has pictures or drawings of that step it would be really helpful.

The other topics on the model are really old and the one that talks about this step didn't help either. In order to not resurrect old topics I decided to post this one.

Thanks in advance,

Matheus Mota
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Re: Help me with Lang's Samurai Helmet Beetle

Post by bethnor »

in general the preference is that you resurrect old topics, so that the help is in one place, so to speak.

one general tip i find helpful for complex collapses is, don't just fold. make sure your valleys are valleys and your mountains are mountains. that is to say, with a valley, either side should face towards you. if it's a mountain, the edges should face away. if you do that, the internal gusset in this step will happen on its own, if not neatly.
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