Some issues with VOG2 Butterfly (Step 66)

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Some issues with VOG2 Butterfly (Step 66)

Postby Bozo » March 12th, 2018, 10:58 pm

Hello, i recently started a test fold (with kraft) of the Nguyen Hung Cuong Butterfly, managed to follow well the instructions until step 66, it tell me to do a serie of inside reverse folds but i really can't find a way to do even the first one.
Ill try to explain better with pics:
The step 65 tell me to do a valley fold following the blue line here (don't mind the other one, result of many tests i did trying out) and then reverse fold it inside:
You can see the crease on the right and the other side one on the left, that is the part i have to reverse fold few time to manage to finish like this :
(i tried to keep the screenshot minimalist to not be out of rule)

I know it will probably be impossible to understand for people which doesn't have the diagrams or never folded it but i hope some people here did folded that butterfly. And sorry for link as pics, pics were too big to display on the Forum it seems.
Thanks for help guys !!
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