Brian Chan - Flying Grasshopper CP

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Brian Chan - Flying Grasshopper CP

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Hi, I'm having trouble finding a suitable way of collapsing the crease pattern below, also I am unsure which reference point would be most efficient to find first. I feel as though the paper should collapse around the central rhombus but this yields results that make the rest of the model impossible to collapse. The CP can be found on page 15 of this pdf ... on7011.pdf and an image of the finished model is displayed on page 14. I really love the look of this model so any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly if someone has had experience folding this model. Thanks.
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Re: Brian Chan - Flying Grasshopper CP

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Have you tried looking at his website? He has a similar looking fling Katydid that has a simpler cp. His website also has crease patterns for many other great models?
Sorry I can't help much with the flying grasshopper.
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Re: Brian Chan - Flying Grasshopper CP

Post by Baltorigamist »

This looks like one of the occasional CPs where you want to work from the outside in. I'd recommend starting from the head and abdomen areas simultaneously, leaving the forewing flaps half-collapsed. Then you can gradually bring everything together, starting from the pleated areas around the hind wings.

Edit for clarity: By the head, I mean the whole area just above the forewings. And, while I don't know the reference points off the top of my head, the first and second legs look like they'd yield the rest of the creases rather quickly.
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Re: Brian Chan - Flying Grasshopper CP

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I've tried this model once before, and I started out by folding the abdomen. Focus first on the creases involved in the abdomen pleats. You can smoothly fold those while having most of the remaining model unfolded. Then I did the rhombus (which was definitely the trickiest part to figure out, for me at least) simultaneously with everything above the rhombus (which can be hugely simplified, you don't have to collapse all of those creases all at the same time).

I didn't know how to find the reference points other than just measuring. Upon closer inspection, I think it's actually possibly to find all the creases just by knowing exactly where Leg 1 is. I might actually try folding it again.
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