Nekobus by maimai?

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Nekobus by maimai?

Postby wonton » September 18th, 2018, 10:48 pm


This is another figure from "My neighbor Totoro" movie, the Nekobus again but I'm not sure who is its author, it only says Origami Maimai.

I've tried to fold this figure from the Youtube video:

But it's extremely fast and even at x0.25 speed I miss some folds.

I guess that from the start to 22" it gets a 24x24 square. A few seconds later I don't know how to fold the back of the paper.

Any tip on how to fold this Nekobus?

Thank you!
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Re: Nekobus by maimai?

Postby FlareglooM » September 19th, 2018, 11:40 pm

I've checked the website of the creator/folder and with some google translating of the sections this seems to be in the "presentation" section and not in the "how to fold" section.
So it seems that this video is all you are able to work with, if the creator does not provide any additional information.

The tips I can give you if you want to proceed based on the video:

- The first 22 seconds indeed seem to be for folding a 24x24 grid.
- If 0.25x speed is still to fast, try the following:
1. Pause the video.
2. Use the "," and "." keys to go back or advance a single frame, respectively. Make sure to have focus on the video. (i.e video is active item on the website, should be when you have clicked on it)
Advancing frame by frame seems to give some more information.

At this point you're only dependent on the frame-rate of the timelapse and if everything that is folded is in view so you can see it.

Hope it helps, good luck.
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