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Postby dani luddington » November 30th, 2005, 6:18 pm

the book is "insectology with origami by momotani", page 14 has the pic chris' showed us. on page 15 there is also a pic of a shrimp. (added bonus!) its a cool bug book, there are some cuts i believe and there are multi piece bugs, it looks to be a remake of the previous bug book of his, most are the same models with a few new ones, like the caterpillars are new. yes there are diagrams. (isbn 4-416-30202-9)
i took a look and the the diagrams say green caterpillar and the other says oniscomorpha(a sort of millipede) and the last one is labeled larva of beetle

just for future, if anyone needs info from a book you can email me privately, not diagrams but info on models, etc, i'll help best i can. i have a library of about 400 books, tapes, dvd's,cd's,etc. (i know i am a sick puppy, lol.i will be joining the 12 step program soon, real soon! )
smiles, dani
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Postby DZIGGITAI » December 2nd, 2005, 1:24 am

I myself have created a northern shrimp, an isopod (like a pillbug), a tadpole shrimp, and a brine shrimp

As for diagrams, I only have crease patterns for the northern shrimp and the isopod on my website, but the brine shrimp is pretty straightforward, so I could probably describe it. Actual diagrams are wishful thinking at this point.
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