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Re: Aladdin's lamp by Neal Elias

Posted: December 20th, 2017, 6:38 pm
by HankSimon
The printed diagrams for the original posts in 2010 came from an old paperback book: Origami, The Art of Paper Folding by Robert Harbin, 1969 pp 168 - 172. (The cover has two hands and a model). It uses a rectangle with a cut in it, and a fold called a stretched bird base. The book was re-published in 1979 by Barnes & Noble, ISBN: 0-06-463496-5

Side Note: If you have the patience for research, Robert Harbin published a series of 4 books:
Origami, New Adventures in Origami [ AKA Origami 2 ], Origami 3, and Origami 4.

If you see "Step by Step" buy that one also. You may be able to find each book for under $10 USD, maybe as little as $3. Origami 4 is a little harder to locate for a good price.

Re: Aladdin's lamp by Neal Elias

Posted: December 21st, 2017, 7:07 am
by Splunge
Maybe a small warning.

I own the german version of the given book from Robert harbin. It was my start into Origami. As my copy is quite old (from the 70th) and used very often, it started to fell apart.
When searching for a replacement, I noticed, that the later releases of this book (at least in Germany) do have less pages and models (112p. instead of 160p.). In the newer version, Aladdin's lamp is missing.

I don't know if this also affecty the original, english version. It doesn't seem to be the case.
Maybe there was a copyright issue in Germany. Just take care, when you look for it, that you get the complete version.