Komatsu Lion CP

Need help with folding a model? Ask here.
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wolf wrote:A ruler and protractor. :)
That was what I feared you were going to answer!
wolf wrote: What I normally do is to redraw the CP using CadStd, reconstructing the creases rather than trace out the lines from the original CP. I measure off some of the major angles and lines, then use that as a starting point for the reconstructed CP.
So you print the CP, measure off everything, reconstruct the CP using CadStd, print and finally fold it ?
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I don't fold from printed CPs; they're a crutch and the printed lines get distracting. :D

I guess I should clarify my earlier statement about using CadStd for CPs - I use them to design CPs mostly, rather than using it as an aid for folding existing CPs.
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esato wrote:
wolf wrote:
esato wrote:Is it possible to do that in cadstd? I am trying to paste a CP to do just that, but with no success.
No, CadStd just allows you to draw structures (like CP) from scratch, but doesn't support pasting of graphics.
hmmm... What tool do you use to measure angles, creases then?


I use Adobe Designer to draw the CP. I paste the smaller CP and trace. Later I stretch to desired size.

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