John Montroll - Rabbit (Dollar Bill Animals in Origami)

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John Montroll - Rabbit (Dollar Bill Animals in Origami)

Postby Morgiana » April 16th, 2011, 12:44 am

Hello! I was trying to fold the Rabbit pattern from "Dollar Bill Animals in Origami" by John Montroll to include in Easter baskets this year. However, I find myself stuck at step 32, where the book asks you to make two outside reverse folds as part of forming the rabbit's front legs. However, when I make the fold in the legs, the head angles down... nothing at all like the picture in the next step. I can't find a way to fold it that leaves the head angled as pictured in step 33.

I have tried going back and rechecking all previous steps and find the only one I feel iffy about is step 28, but it looks exactly like it should when I'm done folding it.

I'd love to hear tips, if anyone has folded this pattern before. Thank you, in advance.
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Re: John Montroll - Rabbit (Dollar Bill Animals in Origami)

Postby Ms Match » March 4th, 2016, 12:11 am

Hi, I'm assuming since this post is 5 yo you have successfully completed the rabbit!
I am making a lot of dollar bill rabbits by watching you tube tutorials. I could never follow
most diagrams in the books. Even a lot of tutorials leave a lot to be desired... too fast or
not explicit directions, hands and fingers in the way, and assuming you are not a beginner.
Ms Match
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