Origami Telescope

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Origami Telescope

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Hi guys,
Firstly, I have to admit I haven't folded much origami. I have managed fold unicorn(It was my first origami and it had taken me 6 hours to learn how to fold it), puppies, T-Rex etc. by youtube video. So I'm a novice at Origami folding.

My friend will have a birthday sometime in September (I know it is a still far from now.) and I'd like to give him a small present. I know he likes stars, universe etc so I was thinking what it would make him happy. It musn't be expensive, so it came to my mind I could fold a telescope with a human. I started searching for; No problem is to find a manual (diagram) for a human, but the problem is to find a manual for a telescope.

I managed to find this origami: viewtopic.php?p=83648#p83648
It's really amazing I do like it. So if I manage fold it I would be really happy. The problem is I cannot find any diagram. It was folded probably with help this book - Works of Nishikawa Seiji. Unfornutately, I cannot afford to buy this book; 60€, in my case 60€ for one picture, is too much for me. I would like to ask you for any advice. Maybe, I have been searching wrong or you will have a better idea than me. Or you will advice me to buy the book.

Thank you everybody who has read my long message. :)
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Re: Origami Telescope

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Hi JoePoe

I don't know if you are still in our origami galaxy or like a comet...

But the answer to your question appear near one mont ago after you asked.

It was more precisely on May 25th, 2018, on the form of a video tutorial:

May the fold be with you!
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